Friday, February 26, 2010

Jewish cookies

Somebody left these for us in the design room... They taste like Abraham made them himself lol... maddd dry

A couple things I'd be lost without

This notebook and my blackberry....  I've got the longest "To Do" list in this book. I can say it runs my life lol. I'm not gonna crack it open for ya'll yet tho. Just know that I have some creative magic in the making...  (evil laugh)

Supra Spring 10 delivery

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thanks Zoila... lol

So one day, I randomly got sent this pic. It's from Jess's oldest sister, Zoila, and the caption was.. "I just wanted to show you that I was down" haha
... She even took a pic of the international corner she has in her house. *** I'm glad you're cultured Zoila.. THANKS haha


Sometimes Nica sends me random pictures of Gavi causing trouble or just being funny. I couldnt really figure out what she did in this pic at first but you can tell it was something bad. 

Nica said she took the powder and emptied it everywhere... If you look in the mirror you can see her standing in a huge pile of it on the ground. smh lol

Las Angeles/ Santa Monica Beach

lunch with the French guys-- they own a store in Paris called Flavor Park. Check it out:



I usually don't write anything else about the quotes I post because, for the most part, they're self explanatory.... but this one gives me a different feeling in my stomach. I wish everyone would realize that it's not about what the person can do for you. You should treat EVERYONE with RESPECT help others out of the goodness of you heart and don't take advantage. Good things come when you love to help. It's a proven fact. 

They killed it...

Step Team in Arkansas...  ( a group of white girls too)

*** Thanks Darrin

Just so you know.. This is my fav dessert in the world

Hot fudge brownie OR Hot chocolate fudge cake with Vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup

Monday, February 22, 2010

My first In-N-Out burger

It was aight but idk if I would hype it the way people were hyping it to me. I had it "animal style" tho.  There might have been too much on the burger. And the friesssss..... yuck. 

Mean Muggin in The Hundreds

(LA) - They had a photobooth set up in the middle of the store. We had to ... lol