Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Album Release - Love And Other Drugs by K. Stylon

Finally! the long anticipated album by K. Stylon, Love And Other Drugs. I got an exclusive chance to listen to a couple of the tracks and I MUST say, his sound has definitely developed. Good stuff!

Come celebrate the release this Thursday at Roam in NYC
5 E 19th St (btwn 5th Ave & Broadway) New York, NY

Red Carpet from 8-9 and the night last til midnight. 

I hope you all can make it!

The album will be on sale that night and HALF of the proceeds are going to towards the Breast Cancer Foundation so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come and support!

Check out this video of K. Stylon and The Style ft. Shaliek Rivers - Fly Away... nice vibes

Don't forget to follow him on Twitter: @K_Stylon

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

"Uptown Nights", Artwork by Shaunda Holloway

My cousin, Shaunda, sent me this piece, last week. She printed it herself! I LOVEEEE getting stuff in the mail from her. You just never know what kind of creative thing she's going to make next. This is the first piece I received with her new official stamp. Check it out, below :) I plan to get this framed ASAP.

This is a monotype. For those of you who don't know what that is, a monotype is a type of printmaking made by drawing or painting on a non-abosorbant surface. 

the official stamp!

Shaunda is also a very talented writer. You can check out some more of her artwork and writing at ShaundaHolloway.wordpress.com

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Artwork by Shaunda Holloway

Monday, October 15, 2012

NEW OFFICIAL TRAILER!!! Documentary "Half Man Half Amazing" is a MUST SEE!!! Filmed by Vinnie Allen

From the words of Vinnie: "Share this with someone you feel are grateful you can open your eyes and see every day... in only 3 mins it takes to view this.. you could change someones outlook on life for the better.. forever.."

I'm impressed already. Such a powerful message and for a great cause. I can't wait to see the finished documentary. 

Follow Vinnie Allen on Twitter: @Vinniesbrain
And "Like" his Facebook page (GoodWill Films). This guy is SOOOO talented! 

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Camping at Belleplain State Forest

A couple weeks ago, Jarid and I took a "vacay" out in Belleplain for some long overdue camping. I love being out in nature (minus some of the bugs). There's so much to see and you can't help but get caught in the ambiance of the chirping birds the squirrels rustling in the leaves. 
 The campsites near the water are the best.
I saw the art in nature
...and so did Jarid :)
 Mmm! I couldn't wait to rotisserie this! Looks like a Grill Mates advertisement, doesn't it? lol
Here I am hacking at some wood with the machete. Gotta keep that fire going
 Jarid aka Rambo II ... so silly
 It's cooking nicely
We spotted a woodpecker in the trees
... and a heron walking in the lake!
Time to eat! The hen may look a little burned on the outside, but it really was tender and juicy, on the inside 
 Look at those fingers lol
knocked out
 Me making some hotdogs. The fire looks crazy in this shot!

I already can't wait to go camping again. 

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

ImaniLia Fashions featured in deFUZE Magazine

This is so dope! Congratulations, Imani for your feature in Issue 7 of deFUZE Magazine. Here's the link for everyone to go to: deFUZE, issue 7. The dresses are GORGEOUS!

For you all that don't know, here's a little history on Defuze Magazine:
deFUZE Magazine is an international online exclusive art, photography, fashion, and culture project. They provide a high quality platform for new talent to be published alongside established professionals. In every issue you can find carefully selected editorials from around the world, sharp articles and reviews front the most important fashion events.

Dress- ImaniLia Fashions
Earrings- Scarfia Designs

Tulip skirt- ImaniLia Fashions
Corset top- ImaniLia Fashions
Head accessory- Amirah Creations
Necklace- Scarfia Designs

dress- ImaniLia Fashions
necklace- Stacy Armand
bracelet- Scarfia Designs

Make sure you "like" ImaniLia Designs fanpage on Facebook 
Also, follow her on twitter: @ImaniLiaDesigns

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Jacob's Promise

I love to see people I know make efforts to change the quality of the world. I'd like to acknowledge my friend, Erin Winston for starting Jacob's Promise. Here's a little info on the company. Please help to spread the word.

Jacob's Promise was established to serve families that have been affected by autism.  It is our goal to educate and build bridges with all that surrounds the child, such as the family, school, and community.  We follow the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy, which is the leading therapy for children with autism.  We believe that every child is born with gifts, and it is our purpose to draw out those gifts.  Our programs are individually tailored to meet the needs of the child and family.  More children will be diagnosed with autism this year, than with Pediatric Cancer, Juvenile Diabetes, Leukemia, Muscular Dystrophy, and Pediatric AIDS combined.  Jacob's Promise, inspired by 10 special needs elementary students, is thankful to serve the autism community by providing compassion, top of the line behavioral therapy, and a wealth of resources.  Visit us at www.JacobsPromise.com

Jacob's Promise would like to thank J33Media.com and i am a brand™, www.askaboutmybrand.com for turning our vision into a reality.  With their help, we will get word out to the masses, and begin improving lives all over the world.

Don't forget to follow them too:

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