Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Black|White Trend Spotlight

I've been seeing this trend so much that I had to bring a little more attention to it. I love it. On one end of the fashion spectrum, I've been seeing a wild play on color.... bright neons and kaleidoscope mixes... and on the other side I see this kind of mod minimalist trend going on with high contrasting colors. Its showing up from high end to street wear .. and from technology to the art culture... check it out.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Jonathan Mannion's "Rough Around the Edges" Exhibition

Yesterday, I had the chance to check out the gallery opening of Photogragher, Jonathan Mannion's 18 year collection of film shot on 665 Polaroid film. I was awe struck at some of the photos that I saw, mostly because there were some timeless shots of album covers that were released in my childhood; and because some of the people had already passed away. There was a great presence in the room as everyone walked around to admire Mannion's work.

I know it may be a little hard to see this so I'm going to type it out for everyone:

Before its discontinuation in 2008, Polaroid film was the only real means by which photographers could proof their images, while still on set. The immediate gratification of an image developing within 2 minutes allowed for both subject and photographer to review the final product and have an active dialogue about the creative process.

The black and white images produced by 665 Polaroid film are unique in that each positive image is simultaneously exposed with a sheet of negative film that can be used to make a traditional print. The one-of-a-kind border of each negative further enhances the inherent beauty of the final product.

Since his first cover shoot in 1996 for Jay-Z's debut album Reasonable Doubt, photographer Jonathan Mannion has made a conscious decision to work with unpredictable medium throughout his career in both his commercial and personal work.

"ROUGH AROUND THE EDGES" explores a selection of Mannion's 665 Polaroids by examining both the iconic and intimate moments of an 18-year body of work. From hall of fame artists such as Outkast and DMX, to photographs of street scenes and documentary portraits, this exhibition showcase some of Mannion's most influential and timeless images captured using the unique film.

I didn't take pictures of everything but I was able to get a good amount

I was really surprised when I found out that this cover was shot on Polaroid film.

Look how young Outkast was lol... and Luda back when he was starting out.

Ja Rule

Slick Rick and Nas

I was told that Mannion followed Drake around for a week before he was even famous. 

Big Pun!

I love the photo of the chucks


Teddy Pendergrass and Bernie Mac
You can't tell me Teddy P doesn't look like Eddie Murphy with dreads in this pic! lol

I definitely used to have this album back in the day.

The exhibition is going on from June 18-July 7 at Milk Studio, (downtown NYC) on 15th street

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