Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Jahn Q Publaq- #BlaqSand- "Otis" Cover

#BlaqSand #BlaqSand #BlaqSand #BlaqSand #BlaqSand #BlaqSand #BlaqSand #BlaqSand #BlaqSand #BlaqSand #BlaqSand #BlaqSand #BlaqSand #BlaqSand #BlaqSand #BlaqSand <-- I had to. lol This is HOT
JQ! Can't wait for "the Rag" mixtape. It's much anticipated.

oooookkk..... "I got a call from my Muslim friend, the world stressed her and she needs some conversation" .... i hear you JQ lol

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Tunisian Dinner at Jamila's

Thanks for having us Jamila! The food was great and the environment you created was so chill. I really felt like I was in a different country that night lol. A gathering like this is just what I needed before Ramadan starts. 

 Tunisian fish and potatoes

 Packin the hookah... mint flavored

 Lamb and cous cous- it was banggggiiiiinnn
I thought these little dolls were so cute

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mz. Bratt Ft. Dot Rotten - Speeding By

I DIG this song!... and shout out to Mz. Bratt for rockin the Sire Varsity's

Pastry Sire Varsity

Check out her site at: 
and don't forget to follow her: @brattonline 
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Monday, July 18, 2011

[MIXTAPE] The Summer Classic 3 - Chris Classic

Just finished listening to Chris Classic's new mixtape, The Summer Classic 3 and, as I expected, its smooth FIRE. "I know heat when I hear it!" lol. 

I still listen to tracks from The Summer Classic 2. Pure talent.. I still want one of those USBs from last year Chris! Don't think I forgot! lol 


Click on the image to go to and download each track OR you can download the entire mixtape on Hulkshare .

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Friday, July 15, 2011

July 4 BBQ

I know I'm kinda late but here's some pics from the July 4 cookout at Jess's pop's house. Fun day...  I got so full, I had to lay down in the back seat of the car for a little bit lol smh
 Shandog and I waiting to get picked up in Columbus Circle. She's focused lol

 Jess and Nayo
 Me and THE DOG lol
 Sing it girrrrrrl...
 I wish I could remember the song that was playing cuz Nayo was really feelin it lol
 Pa Dukes lol
 Julian :)
 Jess and Shannan. Shan.. I def thought that was a straw lol

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