Thursday, January 27, 2011

CL Fly Talk: Episode 3 "Gotta be the Cut"

My notebook

Yess... this is how I use my Moleskine lol. Keeping a notebook is the secret to my balance. Being a creative person, I have so many ideas of projects that I want to work on.. or people to hit up about collaborating on a project. If I don't get a chance to write, I tend to get overwhelmed, trying to keep them in my head and not forget anything. (Sounds crazy but I promise there's plenty of other people who go thru this lol). Anyway, every since college, I've been decorating with stickers and can never seem to find enough. If anyone wants to send me some stickers to put on my notebook... I'm OPEN! lol

Here are 4 reasons why I recommend keeping a notebook as a creative person:

1. Keeps your thoughts organized
2. Keeps a to- do list handy
3. Keep track of others (if you deal with people like that)
4. You can capture your ideas and develop them right away, or gradually.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Recommended book: "Shift" by Peter Arnell

I was actually recommended this book by a friend, Mark Jarrell (thank you). I noticed that my particular group of friends is about "being the change" they want to see and I love that. I also noticed that I have a fascination for brands and how to make them unique... this book definitely gives a lot of insight on that too. For anyone out there who's trying to brand themselves, I highly recommend this for you.

Peter Arnell talks about his personal "Shift" or rebranding during his weight loss process. He went from 406lbs to 150lbs and explained the techniques he used to change his mindset and find his motivation. He's also an advertising guru so, of course, he tells stories from his own work experiences. Its a good read for anyone serious about  it. Thanks again Mark

I've embedded a video of Peter Arnell being interviewed about his book on the Today Show... check it out:

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"The 7 Golden Rules"

Monday, January 24, 2011

Hip Hop Sneaker Art Battle - HARLEM, NY

This was a lot of fun. Paula invited me to come see her do some graffiti on sneakers. I thought it was gonna be something like a live battle, but when I walked in, everyone was chillin drawin on sneakers..... so I had to join in :). The shoe I did is below. 


The tongue says, "If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves." ~ Thomas Edison ..... one of my favorite quotes.

 My little sister and one of the shoes she did.

 Legendary graffiti artist, James Top and I .... taking photos with the fro peices on the wall (by James Top)

James and Paula

 Paula with the other shoe she did.

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(Video) BJEVERETT - "The Delivery" Power of Dream

Follow along... this is the first of many videos to reveal THE REAL BJEVERETT. This one is called "The Delivery" - Power of Dream.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Dean & Ravo - End of the Week (Official Music Video)

I'm a fan. I'm lovin your music fellas :) . ANNNNDD this video was directed by, the one and only, BLiZY ! I'm inspired by your creativity.... keep doing your thing :)

Follow: @BLiZY 
Go to their website for more info: 

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Laurie Ann Gibson in Pastry Krump-Its

This was actually the very first shoe that I had a hand in designing from scratch. I'll never forget the day either. Jai Hudson and Jessica Brown were the brains behind the whole thing. We were asked to design the shoe under a very tight schedule (1 day), so we took the next day off and went to work... brainstorming and sketching at ALLSMiLES studio. The next day, we all sat in a meeting with upper management, while Jai presented the ideas. They LOVED it and the rest is history lol. We ended up completing 3 ideas and had 2 of them developed.  They're lookin good! I'm glad Laurie Ann digs them too :)

I found the actual print of Laurieann Gibson in the new issue of YRB Magazine... thanks ALLSMiLES

Laurie Ann Gibson in Pastry Krump-Its

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Paper Brown Bag, Varsity Themed Jackets

As always, I love to see my friends doing big things and I'm making an effort to showcase them to everyone. Khalid and Quasim are a couple of talented guys I met in Harlem through a mutual friend (shout out to the DEEBSTER lol). I had a chance to check out their office this past summer and was amazed by their peices. They're all hand-done and the craftsmanship is impeccable. Below are a few of their new varsity-themed jackets. You can also visit their blog to see some of their other styles Paper Brown Bag NYC .

Follow them on Twitter: @PaperBrownBag 

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Jahn Q Publaq- Behind the Scenes of "Go Hard" video shoot

This is my boooooo lol. Check out Jahn Q Publaq behind the scenes of his "Go Hard" video shoot in Philly. I was supposed to be there but it snowed :/  Can't wait to see the finished video! 

Make sure you check out his blog at: 
Follow him: @JahnQP 

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"Extreme Tribal Fashiontography"

I don't know how old this is, but I think these images are dope! 


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

BJEVERETT: "Half Girl | Half Amazing"

This is definitely a must watch. The official EPK of BJEVERETT. She's "Half Girl, Half Amazing", with a mission to inspire people to be great and encourage everyone that its okay to be different. You already know I support that message and there's SO MUCH MORE TO COME!

Don't forget to check out her Microcosm: BJEVERETT WORLD
Follow Her: @BJEVERETT_ 

(Graphic Design by TashLeake)

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Pastry: A Sneaker Biz (Via FoxBusiness)

Check it out! Here's the video I mentioned in my last post. Vanessa and Angela Simmons were featured on FoxBusiness, showcasing Pastry and some of the new styles we did for Spring 2011 . They'll be on the shelves soon :)

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Blackberry Pics 1/12

 Sunrise from the fire escape window
 The morning after the blizzard
 Jay :) -- the office looks CRAZY
 Working on a Hello Kitty X Pastry Collaboration. This was one of the identities I sketched up.
 I wen to a Jamaican baby shower this weekend... enough said lol
 Can you relate? 
 Thanks for sending this Juan! These are a couple colorways, I designed for Pastry, featured on Fox Business with Vanessa and Angela Simmons
 Outside of Kanayo's house, on the corner of Gold and Platt -- Financial District, NYC
 My cousin's baby! Congrats Tisha and Smitty!!
I've been meaning to read this book, and I may have a very good reason to start it soon.