Friday, May 21, 2010

Breakfast at the Mandarin , Day 1

They call that "Chicken Toe" ... yuck

The assorted fruits saved my life! .. literally

i never touched any of this stuff (above) it smelled disgusting

The Mandarin Hotel

When I first got to this hotel, I really didn't think it was that bad. Now that I'm looking back on the trip, thinking about all the hotels we stayed in, I can understand why everyone I was traveling with China was so mad that we stayed here.

mad old school

dinner my first night in China... the smallest piece of lamb and some veggies.

When I got up in the morning, I was surprised to see this view. Def didn't expect it.

The lights don't work in the room unless your card is in this slot (pause) lol. All of the hotels were like this.

Morning flight - New York to Hong Kong

oops .. i posted this backwards. Start from the bottom with these pics cuz I don't feel like reposting lol

There was no order getting onto the next plane. Usually they call you by zones... naa. This was the longest boarding line ever.

waiting for our next flight

idk... lol i had to
Fakes at the airport

I heard HK airport was one of the biggest airports in the world

I didn't expect to see mountains like this... so nice :)

getting ready for landing in Hong Kong


this channel saved me from bothering the flight attendants, the whole trip.. so informative


the north pole


on my way to the airport.. I decided not to sleep the night before so I could knock out on the plane

so much work ahead of me

Mancholy - I cannot win this game

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm very competitive. Jess and I must have played this game about 7 times that night and I won prolly once... smh. Even when I play my 13 year old little sister I can't seem to win. This bothers me so much... you don't even understand lol. I think I just have to learn the real technique of this game or something. I really hate losing lol.

*Jess I want another rematch patna!