Tuesday, November 30, 2010


This morning, my friend came to me and sparked a conversation about the Illuminati. We then got into a deeper convo about the government, in general, and some of the malicious motives the US has. The part that got me hype was the fact that a lot of the stuff is SO OBVIOUS and people just don't take the time to THINK! It's so frustrating. Its enough to make me want to start a riot... seriously. When other countries have a problem with what they're government is doing, the citizens go NUTZ. Why don't the American people have that passion?? We're getting tricked and its not even like we're being blindly led!

Anyway... I put in the Lauryn Hill station on Pandora and heard this song. I know I blogged it before but its perfect for how I''m feeling. My favorite verse it the last verse. I highlighted some lyrics to pay attention to...

All I'm asking if for us to take time out to think about why it so difficult to survive in this society.... If you still don't see it, its no mistake. Its all part of the plan. Educate yourself.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My aesthetic, lately

I've been on the "earth tones" thing lately. I found these beads and watch while I was in China and the metal bracelet is from NY. I think they give off an energy that match how I've been feeling, lately... organic. Even my diet, while I was away, had me feeling more earthy. I ate a lot of vegetables, fruits, and fish. I also drank a lot of natural juices and water. I don't like the idea of genetically modified food and I've been trying to stay away from it. Who knows what kind of side effects you can get from them in the future, ya kno? On a side note: I've been doing a lot of prayer and meditation, as well, and I'm convinced that GRATITUDE and HUMILITY are absolutely necessary for success.

Concepts X Sorel

Concepts for Sorel (second collaboration) Mens and Womens boot. The shoe drops on Black Friday, Nov. 26 at the Concepts store.


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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I had some time to kill before my flight back to the US so I set out to explore HK again. I was by myself this time around tho. I'm not gonna lie... at first, I was a little nervous to walk around alone, but it was cool. I had this. I'm just so glad they speak English there.   

 Hong Kong is a lot like NYC... I would definitely live here if I had the chance.

 You can't even find 7-11's this easily in NYC... I was surprised
 You can't really see all that well what kinda food this is but up close it looks like octopus parts and smelled toooo crazy for me to consider trying. 
 I couldnt NOT take a pic of this store name .. lol. 
 I wish I knew what the writing meant. This is ART.


The Depo Hotel

The view from my room in the morning. I loved it.

I thought this was pretty funny.... You know how you go into a hotel and usually, there's a bible in the side table drawer. I went to check and look what I found lol. Chinese people are funny haha.

Bday Candles

 Camila and I both spent our bdays out in China and decided we needed to do something special since we kept getting all these cakes lol.. So we decided to make some wishes :).  Don't mind me lookin a hot mess.... I was chillin lol.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My random Blackberry pics

Sunrise in China ... gorgeous
My dad :)
my wittle pumpkin.. aww
Julian Sheffey posing for a drawing I was trying to do. I was working on a t-shirt design for some meatballs Mia Dona was selling. The tagline was "My business is my balls" lol
Sunny California :)
The flight back to NYC
Taking a break in Central park during Ramadan
Got bored so I took a pic of the ground lol... idk
Chillin with JQ in Germantown, PA :)
The Versace Mansion in Miami

Shout out to LFANT brand

... for gifting me with this t-shirt , complete with the "butter suede" elevens lol. Thanks Chris and Clayton :)

Check out their blog! ---> http://lfantbrand.blogspot.com/

Monday, November 15, 2010

China- Working in Fu Xing factory/offices

Meeting outside of the sample room to go over the pullover and any corrections.

They keep fruit in the offices, in case anyone gets a little sluggish during the day and needs energy. Everyone works long hours so I think this is great idea.
Some of the quarter and vamp references that I had to approve.
At this factory, you could only smoke inside because of all of the fumes from the assembly line rooms. It's too dangerous to light a match outside. Isnt that crazy?... smh

Above are pullovers we had to correct for the fall collection. I can't wait for them to come out right. They're gonna be dope. (Don't mind the colors.. they make a sample using scrap materials so we can see what the shape looks like.)

Back in the day

Lmao.. I can't believe you have this pic, Paula. I feel like I never saw this before in my life but I def remember swimming in this pool. I look like a litter cartoon character haha.

This might have been our first year in the US, from the Philippines.... wow. lol

China- Trying to get back to the hotel!

Firstly.. pardon my appearance and speech; I was flustered haha. Second.. "50 RMB" isn't like 50 bucks in the US.. its more like 8 dollars.

We ended up getting in a tricycle cuz this was the only guy that offered to take us. LOL. We made sure he was taken care of. He looked like he was gonna die, trying to pedal all three of us and our bags back to the hotel. It was hilarious. lol

China- If I had a choice..

... I'd have this for lunch every day. Its BANGIN! I can't even really explain it. First dish (that looks like a mixed mess) consists of bean sprouts, onions, eggs, some green vegetable, and usually this clear fish. I think its called silver fish. They ran out this time but I was craving it so they did the best they could lol. Of course you have to have white rice and the the green leaf is a famous chinese veggie that is served all the time with meals. Like... all you gotta say is I'd like some vegetables, and they'll give you this.... not corn.. not beans... this lol. Its good tho.

... OH.. and the meal wouldn't be complet without some coconut juice. Its the best stuff on earth.

p.s... im SO nice with the chop stick now lol

China- Awww.. for me??

The people from the hotel just came in and brought me this cake... so sweet :D

China- The Royal Lagoon Hotel

Just in case you didn't get to check out the video I uploaded last week..