Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lauryn Hill- The Mystery of Iniquity

Listen + Learn

Sculpture by Mark Newman


Why or Why not?

Shoes that make everyone the same height. .....I say "why"

Michael Murdock's Moleskine Sketchbook


Nikki Farquharson - Mixed Media Girl


Coca Cola Goes Green

Next generation packaging...

Ammonite Washbasin


Bag Lady

Erykah Badu's way of sayin chill....

... I'm taking her advice

Friday, March 26, 2010

Sleepbox -Mini Hotel





MacQuarie Investment Bank in Sydney, Australia

Imagine working out of an office like this..

Projection Animation Test by reanimatr

projection animation test from reanimatr on Vimeo.


Art + Music + Fashion = Creative Influence

Paula's logo design for Thalassa Sea Products

My little sister hit me up so excited about this logo design she did for her boss's company. Its pretty cool. This is the first time a design of hers has come into fruition so she was extra excited. Good job kid :)

Running in South Jers

I went home to visit my mom and sisters this weekend and decided to go running. Sorry for the blurriness. I was in motion when I shot this.... on top of my BB cam being messed up. It's a complete change of scenery from New York City. Way more relaxing.... I have to slow down and come home more often.

Just in case you didn't know, this is why Jersey is nicknamed the "Garden State"

My twin brother lol

LOL I forgot to post this up. While we were in LA, we stopped at this spot to get some pizza. As soon as this guy walked in, we made eye contact and pointed at each other. I thought it was the funniest thing. We had to take a pic. lol

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pop Rocks Limited Edition Son!!

Kim had as on the edge of our seats trying to figure out what this surprise was that she had for us. We finally met her at dinner and this is what we got! lmao. I def had a feeling it was Pop Rocks because the hint was: It's something Juan and I both like. lol Thanks Kim :) .. We had a fun night.

Juan is so DOPE!

He's a phenomenal fashion designer. This guy has so much talent, I can't even begin to put it into words. Check out is blog site!!!


I wish this pic wasn't so blurry. I messed up the camera on my blackberry recently.... Anyway, Terik and I try to meet close to once a month to just catch up and talk about the nitty gritty business side of business. I know I'm an artist but its important to know both sides.... ESPECIALLY if you're trying to do big things yourself. I appreciate u Terik :)

The morning rush

Its not that bad when I can start off with this view in the morning. Alhamdulillah. The weather is getting nice again. I really can't wait til the sun is really beamin down. I love the summer!

They got random chickens in the streets of DR

Emptying out my blackberry pictures, I found this pic that Tyson sent me. We just had a convo about how they have mad chickens just wandering in the street (in the Dominican Republic). Not too long after I got sent this pic. lol thanks Ty


I want my accessories shoot concept to have this kind of feel in black and white. With the help of Genny Bling and Juan Vargas, ya'll should expect these photos soon.