Sunday, January 31, 2010

Blogzworth Alter-Ego

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Bilal wanted to show his real alter- egos. (From left to right)
Jungs - His nickname from the 7th grade. This is his inner child.
Blogzworth- Is the creative Bilal... the writer/photographer/rapper/dj/videographer
Bilal- The true person.

Title: "Jungs, Blogzworth, and Bilal"

Saturday, January 30, 2010

My first alter-ego edit!!

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Kanayo and I were sitting in the studio talking about concepts for a shoot she wanted to do. While she was explaining her idea, a lightbulb went off in my head. I wanted to see if it would work and it did!! This is really about to be my favorite thing to do for a while.

Kanayo!!!-- we call this one "Mischief" lol

Friday, January 29, 2010

One of my secrets lol

Low key... I fell in love with Ryan Leslie after watching this video over the summer. I'm not even kidding. Ask anyone from ALLSMiLES (I was at the studio the first time I saw this). I was so impressed **sigh** .

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Blink 182- Please tell me why

I was sitting with Producer, Chris Mizell while he was making a beat over the weekend and he asked me to name a song that I really liked the drumline to. The first song I could think of was Blink 182- Please tell me why LOL.  I don't know...  when we listened to it, we noticed that the drums were kinda simple but the guitar was so hot. I forgot how much I liked this song tho  

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This view..

I've been looking for places to move lately and this view caught my eye. I really think I'm gonna go after it. 


St. Thomas 07

Lookin at some old pics and found this one. Me, my step mom, Paula, and Nica in St. Thomas. I think my dad was playin paparazzi. Everybody thought we were triplets out there. lol

I want to travel to see some of this stuff...

Nicole Kovar Photoshoot

This was her very first photoshoot! Bout time lol. I'm glad we could get together and make things happen. Shout out to the team: 

Photographer: Ryle "Slinky" Watson
Stylist: Genny Bling
Project Manager: TashLeake
Location: ALLSMiLES 

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lauryn Hill- Mr. Intentional

i LOVE this song... just listen to the words. I know its old but I'm still hooked.

"All their talk, is seasoned to perfection
The road they walk, commanding your affection
They need to be needed, deceived by motivation
An opportunity, to further situation
Why they so important, is without explanation
Please don't patronize me, Mr. Intentional"

"Wake up you've been sleeping
Take up your bed and walk
Stop blaming other people
Oh it's nobody else's fault
Except the truth about you
You know that life goes on without you"

"See I know you can't help me, Mr. Intentional
The only help I need to live, is unprofessional
The only wealth I have to give, is not material
And if you need much more than that, I'm not available
Please don't entertain me, Mr. Intentional"

Hold the World (Haiti Relief)- Blogzworth and Prime Minis

In an effort to contribute as much as possible to the charities made to Haiti, a couple of my friends from ALLSMiLES wrote a song to go on top of Lil Wayne and Eminem's "Drop the World" beat. Listen to the passion in the lyrics and really understand the message that they're trying to deliver. 

"I'm thinking of a power, the power to achieve. First we manifest, then watch our future through our dreams" ~Blogzworth

"My stomach in knots, that explains my twisted core; money's at evil's roots, while its branches lynch the poor" ~Prime Minis

Check out the link to listen the song -----> Hold the World (Haiti Relief)

Artwork by Chrissy Angliker


This reminds me of a project I did in class..

I did a search for "dream houses" and this is what came up...
This was the project I did in one of my photoshop/design classes.... I def want to do some more of these.