Thursday, May 26, 2011

"If you think you are beaten, you are,..."

Monday, May 23, 2011

O.G Hush Puppies Desert Boots by Lafayette Kanard

These are sooooo hot. Even tho they're clearly guy shoes, I want them! lol  The camo was handrawn by a very talented friend of mine out of Philly, Lafayette Kanard. I'm just learning about his ability and I'm definitely impressed. I love meeting people like him. I stole this photo off of his blog ... yall should def check it out:

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Friday, May 20, 2011

The Process II by Jahn Q. Publaq

The Process II from Wine-N-Herb on Vimeo.

Get them arms up when ur runnin boyyyy lol. I hope you show us what you're preparing for in the next episode. You really left us hangin this time lol

P.S. I love the camera angles Bill

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Street Art via SAU

I'm having one of my "easily inspired" days. All I wanna do is look at artwork lol. I'm supposed to be doing some real work but I'm distracted with the thought of the many projects I want to start and collabs I wanna put together. I'm kinda anxious :). Usually, I'd go out and take photos of street art myself, but I found these online and had to post some of them. Check em out..

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The City Limits - Timelapse

Timelapse - The City Limits from Dominic on Vimeo.

I stumbled upon this today. I think its gorgeous. 
I watched a documentary recommended to me by Jamila (a good friend of mine) the other night. Its called "The Human Experience" (anyone who has Netflix, check it out). Its a very humbling story and I had a huge gulp in my throat watching it. I'm looking at things differently now... with more appreciation.. I'm almost speechless about the documentary, to be honest. Its crazy the amount of things we all take for granted. Even something as simple as these perspectives.
You get another vibe when you can see the sky in orbit, too... subhanAllah...I love this.

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Illustrations by Andrea Joseph

This morning I woke up in a stale mood.... ehh it happens to everyone sometimes. Idk what caused it but I decided to search for some inspiration to get me back to being myself. The weather is getting warmer and that in itself is inspiring enough to want to get out and do more. I can't wait to push my creativity this spring/summer. I'm already inspired to draw more after seeing these illustrations by Andrea Joseph.... dope. 

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lunch in Korea Town

Yesterday, we got a chance to get out of the office and shop for accessories in the fashion district. It was just what I needed yesterday... a change in scenery to get inspired. When we got off the train, Jay pointed out that we were near Korea Town so we decided to have lunch there after we were done shopping. This was our experience...
Jay recommended this place
Craig and I had no idea what to order... 
Jay had ALL the answers tho lol

This is the side dish/ appetizer spread...... that kimchi was BOMB lol
This was my meal... Chicken Teriyaki in a sizzling stone bowl.. yummm
This is Craig's lunchbox with that tasty beef lol
Spicy squid and rice
Jay.... you look so cool lol
My first time trying bubble tea... it was pretty good. I think the flavor was ube (that might be Tagalog.. but it's like this purple yam). We also had this stuff called pot bing su... which to me is Filipino halo halo -- the koreans are biters lol 

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Got my Notebook of Destiny!

I finally got my notebook in the mail Monday afternoon. I was kinda suped... having Jay take pics of me with it in the office lol (I didn't like how any of the pics turned out so I did it again at home lol) Anyway.. Blogzworth decided he wanted to do a social experiment through an idea he had called the "Notebook of Destiny". He pasted a sheet with the directions on the front cover. You can also get an explanation of the experiment on his website. 

VERY MOTIVATING...I'm very excited about this because I've been reading the book "Think and Grow Rich". I feel like I've elevated my mind. I've already been doing mind exercises every night, trying to get into my subconscious too. What I do is take a least an hour every night to meditate and really listen to what my mind is trying to communicate to me, and I take notes. Sounds like a crazy process, but my mind is so much clearer these days. Now that I really know what I want, my plan is to continue with it in this book. (THANKS B!) Let's see what happens!

This isn't the first notebook Blogzworth has given me either. During the summer of 09, B and I were working with ALLSMiLES, heavily. One day, he came back with notebooks for everyone and said "fill em up" lol. I've always been the type to carry around a notebook so it def wasn't a problem for me lol. I ended up filling this notebook before the summer was over with creative ideas and projects I wanted to coordinate at the studio. I still have it :)

This time around, tho, you KNOW I had to customize my book. Don't think for a second that I wasn't gonna tag it up like I've done with my other fav notebooks lol

This is what it looked like by the end of the day, yesterday yummm lol 

Stay tuned..... this is only the beginning. Make sure you follow @Blogzworth on twitter too! He's def a positive and motivating person to have on your timeline.... hilarious too lol

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blackberry pics 5/4

These are pictures from my random excursions and photos from friends...
 This is what's hot in the streets... Craig and I found this downtown, nyc .. smh
 My friend, Jamal lives in El Paso, Texas and this is what it looks like out there lol. He lives on the other side of the mountain and to the right of the pic is Mexico. Kinda cool :)
 Found this on Dame's bbm profile. He said he was having lunch with a friend when he found this haha.. hilarious
J chillin where all the "cool kids" be at lol.... Spinningfields, UK
 Michelle sent me this over the weekend. This is how our customer wears the Pastry Krump Its.. they look good! :)
 My first time having fried ice cream.... BANGIN
 Columbus Circle... going home from work
 Some rocks at the Museum of Natural History
Juno Jang
 This is my favorite colorway for Pastry Spring 2011 collection
 The book I'm reading right now... Recommended by Bilal. I'll write my review when I'm finished with it 
 How RANDOM is it for Solomon to have on a Peddie hat? lol This is a boarding school in South Jers that Blogzworth went to.  
Saw this at Target the other day.... I almost bought it lol. Blogzworth has this as a bookmark. I want it!
My niece, Gavi, in the dress I brought back from Panama...  My sister said she chose that pose lol.

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