Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The health benefits of carrot juice

The list of useful microelements and nutrients which are contained in carrots is really very impressive. Along with the mentioned beta-carotene, it includes also Vitamins C, B, E, D and K, proteins, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, aluminum, sodium, manganese, iron, copper and a lot of other minerals. Carrots contain great amounts of nicotine acid, which is important for metabolism of fats and lipids. The vegetable is a great source of natural magnesium, which assists in decreasing bad cholesterol levels in the body, helps to relieve spasms and strengthen our blood vessels.

Carrot juice has very good anti-inflammatory, anti-cancerous and anti-aging properties. Carotene is a known anti-oxidant, which can prevent degenerative processes in the cells and has great anti-aging effects. The compounds containing in carrot juice also have antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties. That is why it can be effective to treat wounds and insect bites with some carrot juice, which in such case will also bring some slight relief for pain and help to avoid swelling. Also, drinking raw carrot juice can be helpful for lowering the symptoms of stresses and normalizing the function of your digestive system.

Hello Kitty Bronze Collection by Tom Sachs

I was walking down by 51st street to meet up with Ebony, Khalfani, and Jasmine when these huge sculptures caught my eye. It felt like they just came out of nowhere. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Anyone looking for Photography and Videography services?

Contact 20/20 Vision Media Productions to capture ASAP! 

Their services include:
Artist/Model Portfolios
Special Events
Promotional videos
Website/Youtube Videos
Commercials... AND MORE!

 "Giving you memories that will last a lifetime"

Check out their website. They've done some pretty big gigs, so you know there's talent behind those lenses.

Taking that time to reflect

I think I've learned a lot since the last time I reflected on the information I'm absorbing everday.

"If everyone does everything we are capable of doing, we will constantly astound ourselves" -Thomas Edison

'I do most of my reflecting when I'm traveling.. mostly on the bus and subway' .tashleake

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ebony's new apt!

Good times and its such an artistic apt. I love it. 
Also, I had a great convo with Ebony, Nicole and Khalfani. I have a great idea and I'm making progress with it. Hit me up if you want to know it. I can't explain it by typing it out. It's deeper than that. 

I found these kitten on the sidewalk...

I thought it was such a crazy thing that their mother wasn't around because they were so small. I immediately started taking pics because I saw one with bright blue eyes and something about them hooked my attention. 
Then one started to walk up to me and got real close.. i noticed that its faced was all messed up. I don't even really like cats like that but this made me feel sad. Some lady walked up to me and was like "They're so cute! .. are these yours?" I replied " nah, I just saw them here, but look at that ones face".

The lady got real concerned and asked about the animal control dept for the city of WNY. Of course, I didn't know the number, but after a quick search I spoke to them and they came to rescue the kittens.  Yay lol

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ruby Foo's

This is a restaurant in Time Square that my friends boyfriend works in. When I went inside, I was blown away by the interior decorations. You know I had to take pictures.