Friday, March 20, 2009

Joe's Shanghai Restaurant?

I don't think I'll be ordering from here again. We were all working late, as usual, so we decided to order some food from across the street. Apparently, this place, Joe's Shanghai, has the best soup dumplings. They're made with pork tho and ya'll know I  'cain't touch the poke-chop' so I wasn't messin with it.  Little did I know, my food was gonna come to me looking so wrong. Can you guess what kind of meat this may be? Fish, beef, or chicken?

No matter what you guess, it looked like poop to me and I couldn't stomach it. And they had the nerve to put a garnish on top like it was gonna look more appetizing. Ah uh...

I just gave mine to Jonry and reordered. Tyson had the same meal and it seemed like he was enjoying it. lol

Look at what I got when I reordered. Who would've guessed that chicken with vermicelli would look like this? And it tasted worse than it looked. My taste buds were not diggin any of this.