Friday, April 10, 2009

Jummuah @ Masjid Ibad Ur-Rahman

Its friday and I just got out of Jummuah. For those who may not know, Jummuah is kind like church for Muslims. We sit and listen to the Imam, while he delivers the kutba.... Basically advising us on how to be better people (doing good deeds, making salaat, following the ways of the Prophet s.a.w.) while we're here on earth, and preparing for the hereafter.
What I took from today...
In this life there's many material things that people love.. and we all fall victim to wanting more of these things and loving to get them, but when you die, you can't take these things with you. You will be able to take with you your deeds tho. The question was asked... Why don't we ever focus on doing more good deeds for each other? No matter what, nobody's going to think you're wrong for it (unless they have a lack or morality). Ill probably be thinking about this for the whole week. Inshallah


J Blogs said...

Very attractive in the garb Tash, I must say!

Tash said...

Aww thanks Bilal... when are you gonna start wearin your kufi?