Thursday, April 9, 2009

The trip there..

It was a long morning this morning. WNY to Newark airport isn't far but I felt like I took all types or transportaion to get there.. Bus, cab, train, monorail. When I got on the plane I fell asleep so fast, I didn't even get to see the take off... my fav part. Oh well... I got a couple pics from the ride.

My ears were hurtin so bad tho. I felt like I was getting punished for something lol. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY TIPS on how to prevent your ears from feeling that pressure? I usually just chew gum but sometimes it doesn't work.


Anonymous said...

hold ur nose and blow the air out of ur ears. worked for me. i did it too much tho..i actually was deaf for a couple days. nobody knew tho. played it off real nice. haha whatev.

Tash said...

Thanks! i tried that on the plane but it got worse. it was like i had a pocket of air in my ear canal or somethin. i felt like i was gonna die