Friday, April 3, 2009

Tuesday Night @ One

One on 12th and 9th. This is a nice spot. Kid Capri spins on Tuesday nighst and keeps the club jumpin lol. I've only been here twice and both times its been packed. I heard the place just got that way and ppl are startin to fight more inside. smh. The club manager made an announcement while the club was lettin out sayin that the dress code was gonna change because they were letting some of the wrong crowd in.... and they want to stay open for us to have fun but some ppl are just plain disrespectful. That was all said within good reason bc I witnessed a couple quarrels pop off that night and the last time I was there. Heads up everyone (mostly the guys), don't wear any zip up hoodies or fitteds to the club. You may run the risk of getting rejected. 

So I'm guessin that this place, Good Stuff Diner, is the official after the club eating grounds. This was the same place we went to after Erica's bday party (my first post)

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J Blogs said...

What Up Tash! What Up CJ! Tash I'm gettin my face on your blog asap!