Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Aston J. Watson- Astonishing Photos

I was at ONE,  one night chillin with some of my friends and this guy walks up to me and hands me his business card. He didn't really say anything either... just handed it to me and kept walkin... disappearing into the darkness of the crowd lol. I still have the card and I feel bad throwing it away, so I decided to just spread the word and encourage anyone interested in getting photographed for a modeling portfolio to hit him up. The back of the card says "I'm not promising you fame, simply great pictures"... lets hold him to that lol.

Astonishing Photos
Aston J. Watson- Photographer/ Model
Call: 646-641-9849
Email: Astonishingphotos@gmail.com

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Aston said...

:-D thanx dear..check out my site ASTONishingPhotos.com