Friday, May 1, 2009

The Truth about the Swine Flu

Some of you guys might have seen my status on twitter and facebook. It sparked up good conversation but it came from a convo I had with my co-worker, Ezra earlier yesterday morning. He was telling me a lot of the facts and what the media was trying to portray in order to get us to worry about something else besides the economy. 

I started thinking about my interest in conspiracy theories and how the media controls the mindset of the American people subliminally. It's a trick and so many people get so caught up fearing what the media wants you to fear.  Look at Islam, for example.  The whole religion is based upon serving God, being peaceful, sharing, and good intentions. A lot of Americans are brainwashed into thinking that every Muslim is a terrorist and that they might have a bomb chillin somewhere. It's only the ignorant who believe that though.

Back to the Swine flu...... I asked Ezra to send me all the info he knew on the subject and I got this email at the end of the day. Thought you guys might be interested. 


All day everyone is talking about the Swine Flu and I have decided to put the thoughts in words.
This flu is scary, but the press is milking this like nothing they have ever milked before. i find it unfair and unclear how the press fails to report the exact facts about the flu.

a: its spreading very fast
b: 100 people in mexico died from it
c: we are in "level 5" of pandemic status
d: a child in america has died from it
what they DONT TELL You-FACTS
a:its spreading as fast as any other flu does-EVERYONE WHO CONTRACTED IT IN THE US, HAS HEALED, OR IS HEALING
b: 300,000 people a year die from the regular flu, including 50,000 in america alone
d: the original kid who contracted the virus in mexico has healed already
e: the disease has slowed down transmission in mexico, so thats good news
f: theres no proof that those 100 deahts in mexico died from this virus because they didnt know about it when they died. ps 2400 people have died in mexico since january due to the drug war, which is far more deadly..
g: the child who died in houston is a tragedy and is very sad, but only one newspaper bothered to mention that this child had serious medical issues BEFORE he contracted the swine flu, which would mean that a regular flu might have had the same tragic effect
h: a vaccine can be mass produced in 3 months, which is plenty of time

im not saying this isnt a serious issue.... im just saying that the press scares the crap out of you, which is what helps drive up their ratings

and if it this flu does get more serious and deadly, ill be sure to delete this note asap, and deny i ever wrote it

Our vice president should be impeached for telling people not to take public transportation, or planes. Even Sarah Palin wouldnt say that

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Obama said not to worry about it, so i aint worrying about it! Get Money 09!