Thursday, June 18, 2009

I found these kitten on the sidewalk...

I thought it was such a crazy thing that their mother wasn't around because they were so small. I immediately started taking pics because I saw one with bright blue eyes and something about them hooked my attention. 
Then one started to walk up to me and got real close.. i noticed that its faced was all messed up. I don't even really like cats like that but this made me feel sad. Some lady walked up to me and was like "They're so cute! .. are these yours?" I replied " nah, I just saw them here, but look at that ones face".

The lady got real concerned and asked about the animal control dept for the city of WNY. Of course, I didn't know the number, but after a quick search I spoke to them and they came to rescue the kittens.  Yay lol

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