Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Slackin.. But not really

So, I've noticed I've been slackin on my blog but I've been real busy. I have a lot that I'm planning for and when things start to line up (Inshallah), I should have a lot of content to upload. And on top of that, I lost the charger for my digital camera so I haven't been able to take that many pics :/

On a brighter note, I had my first test shoot as a photographer this past Saturday!! :D

I shot Basco Rebenga, a very multi- talented individual, that everyone should keep an eye on. He's a beast in music, marketing, and entertainment.....I plan on ranting and raving more when the pictures are released, but whenever you spot this logo for his company.. Co-Star Entertainment, know that I co-sign his whole movement.  (@BascoRebenga)

The same day of the shoot, I was introduced to Ryle "Slinky" Watson... CRAZY photographer and Graphic Designer. You can check out his work on facebook : Ryle Watson .  Oh and you might not want to sleep on his company either.... Sleep Productions  (@Slinkysp)

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