Saturday, June 5, 2010

Check out my lil cousin :)

Anthony Spencer... What can I say? I'm def proud of this boy. I never met anyone who takes athletic direction so well. He's a natural born athlete. Every since he was little, he would see me running track, trying to stay in shape, and would ask me what he could do to get stronger and faster. He listens so well and seems absolutely fearless.

I know he was doing his thing in Jers, then moved to San Antonio and made a name for himself. Now, he's in ATL breaking records at his new high school. I talked to him today to ask for an update on how his season ended and this is what he wrote:

"well, i wus 2 inches from goin to states for the triple, i jumped 42'10 season best took 3rd at region in triple 8th in long at region 1st at county in triple 4th in long at county and i got coaches award of best male field athlete and im 5th in the region at triple and 28th in the state for triple long idk lol havent looked"

Yessir.. that's what I like to hear. Reminds me of myself haha. ANNNND.... can you believe he just learned how to triple jump???? I'm proud of you kid :) . One more year of high school ... I'm anxious to know what school you're gonna rep next!

P.S. He's an honor student too :)

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