Monday, July 26, 2010

BJEVERETT performs at VH1 "Break'N Through" - Save the Music

So proud! BJ brought crazy energy to the stage, blowing away the competition, and I'm sure the crowd would agree. All that hard work and perseverance is paying off cuz its finally time!! :)

When it's ready, the official footage from the show will be posted on VH1's "Break'N through" website. That's when you'll get a chance to see the competition and vote! I'll give the que and the link to the website when its time.

Keep you're eye on BJEVERETT.. There's some big things about to pop off pretty soon!!! Better yet... follow her! @BJEVERETT_

And a special shout out to her manager, my good friend, Jai Hudson... One of the most creative and hardest working people I know, LET'S GO! ( @JaiHudson )

This is where the show started for me... the line to get in...

Of course we had to have a little photoshoot outside lol
Nayo, Jess, and Clayton

Kimmy :)

Walter, Jai ...


Me and my boo Walter lol :)

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