Tuesday, July 6, 2010


The week before, my sister BBM'd me, real hype, going crazy about this band she saw perform in the subway. Long story short.... Randy (dude in the red kicks) and I got in contact with each other and I was invited to come watch "The Crowd" perform at L'Orange Bleue. I was BLOWN AWAY! Their talent and energy definitely had me captured. You can get a taste of their performance through the video, below. In person, was a much better vibe, as you can imagine.

I look forward to checking out some more performances.

"The Crowd" consists of Randy Mason, Adeline, Akil Dasan, and Shaun Kelly. You can see out more footage at this link ----> The Crowd 

LOCATION: L'Orange Bleue - 430 Broome Street - NYC 

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Randy is definitely a talented individual. I wrote a review about his album. Definitely worth buying!