Monday, November 15, 2010

China- If I had a choice..

... I'd have this for lunch every day. Its BANGIN! I can't even really explain it. First dish (that looks like a mixed mess) consists of bean sprouts, onions, eggs, some green vegetable, and usually this clear fish. I think its called silver fish. They ran out this time but I was craving it so they did the best they could lol. Of course you have to have white rice and the the green leaf is a famous chinese veggie that is served all the time with meals. Like... all you gotta say is I'd like some vegetables, and they'll give you this.... not corn.. not beans... this lol. Its good tho.

... OH.. and the meal wouldn't be complet without some coconut juice. Its the best stuff on earth.

p.s... im SO nice with the chop stick now lol