Thursday, November 4, 2010

SHOWCASE: Blogzworth- This is my Amerika

Bilal... great message. i love this

This Is My Amerika, USA.

This is my Amerika,
I guess I’m stuck playin life,
through these stars and these strips Amerika,
So I’m darin ya,
to close your eyes and breathe Amerika,
last of a dyin breed,
we bleed Amerika…Dry
And the skies that feed Amerika…Die

But who cares enough,
to take on the lost souls,
of the ones we can no longer control
Not I.

I’d rather watch the news and act surprised.

This is my Amerika…
A place where hopes and dreams can become your reality
In all actuality…Real Talk.
I think therefore I am my thoughts,
Say it wit me…
I think therefore I am my thoughts.
And the rule of thumb in every art.
Is to go hard as hell till your climbing charts.

So Lace up them hiking boots Amerika,

We got some hiking to do my Amerika
Sometimes I hate you,
you bring me pain,
a heavy heart of disdain
because I see the goodness in you Amerika
sexy ass Amerika…wit yo phat ass. (Shout out to my sourthern cali shorties)

And in my Amerika,
we don’t stay in one place,
we innovate Amerika,
but right now were lagging behind.
So lets pick up the pace,
because this is your amerika as well as mine.