Tuesday, November 30, 2010


This morning, my friend came to me and sparked a conversation about the Illuminati. We then got into a deeper convo about the government, in general, and some of the malicious motives the US has. The part that got me hype was the fact that a lot of the stuff is SO OBVIOUS and people just don't take the time to THINK! It's so frustrating. Its enough to make me want to start a riot... seriously. When other countries have a problem with what they're government is doing, the citizens go NUTZ. Why don't the American people have that passion?? We're getting tricked and its not even like we're being blindly led!

Anyway... I put in the Lauryn Hill station on Pandora and heard this song. I know I blogged it before but its perfect for how I''m feeling. My favorite verse it the last verse. I highlighted some lyrics to pay attention to...

All I'm asking if for us to take time out to think about why it so difficult to survive in this society.... If you still don't see it, its no mistake. Its all part of the plan. Educate yourself.

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