Thursday, December 9, 2010

Blackberry pics 12/9

I need to get one of these... a Reflection Room?? lol -- saw this in San Francisco Airport
There's actually a funny story behind this pic. Room service was giving Jamila trouble with her order. She ordered the spaghetti bolognaise and she spoke to the chef to make sure there was no pork in the dish. When the food finally came, they didn't have her order. She called back asking what happened and the hotel must has sensed that she was stressed out or something........ so to calm her down, they sent up someone to give her a foot massage. It was hilarious.
This is gross. its a form of alcohol that the Chinese have. They let snakes, ginger roots and all kinds of random things marinade in a jar for like a hundred years. Then they take shots. I heard it was only for the men. 
Nnamdi! :) We were all walking to the car one night and found this on the street. Womp womp for whoever these belonged to. 
... and this is how Charisse Monet holds chop sticks lol
Chillin with Jess and Craig in my room. His comfort zone is on top of Jess's shoulders. Such a weird little guy.
WHEN was the last time you saw anyone with these?? LOL. My co-worker had them. 
Idk what's goin on with the guy's hair. I had to take a pic to examine it some more.
Blogzworth Wordsmith
Pastry Sire Spring 2011 Preview.... shhhh that's all you get to see lol

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