Monday, December 13, 2010

Knicks vs. Nuggets game

I woke up to a little knock on my door and Charisse saying "Check your bbm!"  lol.... Long and behold.. tickets to the Knicks vs. Nuggets game was ours lol THANKS CHERISE for hookin us up! :)
At first we had the suite seats. I didn't even know they had suites up there. Goes to show how much I go to games huh?
We couldn't really see anything so we decided to go down to where the real action was lol. 
 This is when it got interesting..
The Knicks ended up winning... wooo. It was def a good game.


Charisse Monet said...

Lol that's how we do either suites or courtside lol....and the game was sooo exciting we had a blast

SwizZ said...

I'm jealous lol