Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Blackberry Pics 1/12

 Sunrise from the fire escape window
 The morning after the blizzard
 Jay :) -- the office looks CRAZY
 Working on a Hello Kitty X Pastry Collaboration. This was one of the identities I sketched up.
 I wen to a Jamaican baby shower this weekend... enough said lol
 Can you relate? 
 Thanks for sending this Juan! These are a couple colorways, I designed for Pastry, featured on Fox Business with Vanessa and Angela Simmons
 Outside of Kanayo's house, on the corner of Gold and Platt -- Financial District, NYC
 My cousin's baby! Congrats Tisha and Smitty!!
I've been meaning to read this book, and I may have a very good reason to start it soon.


Anonymous said...

That Hello Kitty sketch is dope af. Great idea.

-Tisha Jade
from NeverJaded :-*

Tash said...

thank you :)