Thursday, January 20, 2011

Laurie Ann Gibson in Pastry Krump-Its

This was actually the very first shoe that I had a hand in designing from scratch. I'll never forget the day either. Jai Hudson and Jessica Brown were the brains behind the whole thing. We were asked to design the shoe under a very tight schedule (1 day), so we took the next day off and went to work... brainstorming and sketching at ALLSMiLES studio. The next day, we all sat in a meeting with upper management, while Jai presented the ideas. They LOVED it and the rest is history lol. We ended up completing 3 ideas and had 2 of them developed.  They're lookin good! I'm glad Laurie Ann digs them too :)

I found the actual print of Laurieann Gibson in the new issue of YRB Magazine... thanks ALLSMiLES

Laurie Ann Gibson in Pastry Krump-Its

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