Monday, May 2, 2011

Artwork by Paula Leake

So I had Paula (my little sister) over the other day to do a painting for my brother. When I went to VA, I saw that his new apartment had really nice furniture, but the walls were so bare, it didn't feel like home. I had an extra canvas laying around and picked out the colors. I already had in mind what kind of energy I wanted to come out of the painting, just from color alone. As an artist, I was confident that Paula would be able to nail it with little direction. The goal was to make it "calm".
 She decided not to use a brush
 And try a different approach and add wax to the painting
 I thought the painting was hot, already, while she was pouring the wax, but when we flipped it, it started to look more dynamic. Lovvve it. She calls it "Resurrection"

 Sorry Lamar.......... I'm keeping this one bro lol. It's hanging in my room right now. I promise I'll have Paula paint another one on a MUCH BIGGER canvas... just for you :)
Looks good up there right? :)

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good job poo pow