Tuesday, June 14, 2011

[Mixtape] The RhythMac Atonement: blue emo is the drug - Blogzworth

This release is actually pretty funny for me lol. For a couple years, I've watched Blogzworth make songs as a form of his own creative self-expression. Some days he was just being silly, some days he was really trying to let people know what was on his mind, but I've always been there to critique and let him know how cool it was that he had a natural ability to control the tones in his voice. I'm convinced that there's nothing this guy can't do and he proves it by taking on certain projects for the sake of genuine interest... you inspire me! :) Continue to create because I'm anxiously awaiting the release of your next project... especially if its another hidden talent lol 

(Graphic Design by TashLeake)

P.S. #3 Guantanamo is my JAM lol... I had it on repeat the whole weekend

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