Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Blackberry pics 8/16

One of my paintings on display :)
 Jarid had "floor seats" at the Phillies game lol ... nice shot
 My sister, Terran, sent this to me one morning.
 This guy was going hard, stretching his quads on the train at midnight.
The clouds on the way to Detroit .. subhanAllah
 Jessica and I in the mall in Detroit
 Whyyyyyy did this guy have only ONE dreadlock?? And a long one too. As you can see, the rest of his hair was soft and curly.
 Jess blowing out her candles for her 25th. Happy Bday, my friend :)
 No offense to anyone, but we need to be mindful of how big we let our children get.This isn't right.
 Pastry Sire Grey- Spring 2010- in stores now :)
 I saw this on a crate at the ATL trade show. I had to take a pic
 This was my view on the plane during iftaar last night ... headed back to NYC

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1 comment :

Jarid Andrew said...

I think Jess's picture takes the cake- no pun intended;) lol Great shot!