Thursday, July 19, 2012

Blackberry and iPod pics 7/20

 VA beach with Yanna, Lamar, and Ashley (last weekend) .. I needed this
 Central Park East - I thought these 4-kid strollers were cool #random
 Camden waterfront
 Aisha Sioux painted this for me (thank you so much!) - "Makhtub" - Reminder that God is in control
 The environment on the plane to Hong Kong - the last hour
 HK airport public bathroom -- why are the seat covers outside of the stall? I was looking for them when I was in there too.
 Can't believe they have light-up Uggs ...  only for the children, please
 The first thing I ever made on my sewing machine! lol it looks simple but it took me 3 tries to get here.. That's a leather drawstring, by the way. I cut it myself ;)
 Hong Kong airport is huge
 What you know about sweet tamarind??
Jess's puppies, Aspen & Maggie

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