Thursday, September 13, 2012

My beautiful nieces :)

Like a proud aunt, I want to show off my nieces and how much they've grown over the years. Low key, I wish they would stop growing. I can remember when they were both little babies. The years really do fly by. It's unbelievable. I get so many pics and hardly get to show anyone... so here they are :)

Yanna and Gavi!

  Gavi pouting. Poor baby...
 Yanna looking up the latest trends. She's my little fashionista
I went to visit my sister and Gavi a few weeks ago. She was unbraiding her hair by herself. Growing too fast...
Gotta love the brick wall shoots lol. I would wear this outfit 

First day of school
 Gavi and her new bike. Safety first :)
Yanna's grown now. She poses better than me lol

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