Wednesday, October 10, 2012

ImaniLia Fashions featured in deFUZE Magazine

This is so dope! Congratulations, Imani for your feature in Issue 7 of deFUZE Magazine. Here's the link for everyone to go to: deFUZE, issue 7. The dresses are GORGEOUS!

For you all that don't know, here's a little history on Defuze Magazine:
deFUZE Magazine is an international online exclusive art, photography, fashion, and culture project. They provide a high quality platform for new talent to be published alongside established professionals. In every issue you can find carefully selected editorials from around the world, sharp articles and reviews front the most important fashion events.

Dress- ImaniLia Fashions
Earrings- Scarfia Designs

Tulip skirt- ImaniLia Fashions
Corset top- ImaniLia Fashions
Head accessory- Amirah Creations
Necklace- Scarfia Designs

dress- ImaniLia Fashions
necklace- Stacy Armand
bracelet- Scarfia Designs

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