Friday, January 4, 2013


Before the new year came in, I was sitting back reflecting on what I can do differently to make me feel like I'm constantly accomplishing things. I think 2011 was the year where I was the most inspired because I noticed that I was constantly blogging and constantly making things. I felt the best when my mind was there. My creative juices would flow so much easier and I was wondering why that was... this quote sums it all up. Back then, the start of my day consisted in this search for something new to inspire me, whether it be a quote, some artwork, or just some craft that I can do myself. I even used to tell people that it was this craving I had and something I NEEDED to do in order to stay sharp. Well.... here I am... no time like the present to do it again and incorporate my yearning to help people with it this time around. Stay tuned... I think it'll be a great year (God Willing) :)

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