Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Black|White Trend Spotlight

I've been seeing this trend so much that I had to bring a little more attention to it. I love it. On one end of the fashion spectrum, I've been seeing a wild play on color.... bright neons and kaleidoscope mixes... and on the other side I see this kind of mod minimalist trend going on with high contrasting colors. Its showing up from high end to street wear .. and from technology to the art culture... check it out.

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LeAnn said...

This is my FAV trend right's classic and clean but also manages to scream out personality depending upon how you chose to wear it..

LeAnn said...

LOVE this trend right now!! It's classic and clean but can be used to show off your personality depending upon how it's styled...actually this post just gave me an idea for an ensemble I may Thanks Tasha! ;)