Friday, April 17, 2009

Baking Soda for Burns

Erica was telling us how she burned her finger on an iron this weekend. Her friend told her to quickly grab some baking soda and water to soak it in. She said it worked like a charm because about 20 min later, she forgot she even got burned. I did some more research for ya'll and found out more about the benefits of baking soda:

1.Treat minor burns
2.Cool off sunburn and other skin irritations
3.Soothe poison ivy rashes
4.Make a salve for bee stings
5.Fight diaper rash
6. Combat cradle cap
7.Control your dandruff
8.Clean combs and brushes
9.Use as gargle or mouthwash
10.Scrub teeth and clean dentures
11.Clean and sweeten toothbrushes
12.Remove built-up gel, hair spray, or conditioner from hair
13.Use as antiperspirant
14.Relieve itching inside a cast
15.Alleviate athlete's foot
16.Soothe tired, stinky feet
17.Deodorize shoes and sneakers

Go to to see other benefits for:

In the kitchen
Around the house
In the laundry
For do-it- yourselfers
In the great outdoors
For your pet

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