Monday, April 13, 2009

My first time at the gun range

This past friday, my dad took Zenon and I to the gun range for some fun. I was a little nervous at first because I never shot a gun before but I got used to it real fast. 
When it wasn't my turn to shoot, I had time to study my surroundings, and found there there were some little old ladies having a little shooting session of their own. It cracked me up so you know I had to get a flick. Take a look at the target tho... That's right... Lol


Asa said...

Trips to the gun range are always fun...I remember my first time...the only downside is the hot shell casings hitting ur arm

Tash said...

lol oh i didnt have any shells hittin my arm. I think i woulda just tapped out on shooting for the day. Aren't those shells hot when they come out? Ur a G if you kept shooting Asa LOL

Asa said...

Of course I kept shooting. I don't get to go to the gun range everyday so I got every bit of fun out of it that I could. I wish I kept my targets cuz I actually have good aim.