Monday, June 8, 2009

Allstars Lounge in Bordentown

I was chillin with a few friends this past saturday in south jersey and really could NOT find anything to do (typical for south jers but we always work it out) We decided to check out this spot called Allstars in Bordentown because we haven't been there in a while and remembered it being a real cool chill spot in the past. 

It was a cool vibe. There was a DJ, tables where you can eat, a bar, and a dance floor. The food was so bangin. I took pics of our plates they came out with such a nice presentation.... everything except for the salad. It looks a little unfinished lol

One of the highlights of the night was when we were lookin at these white girls (no offense to anyone) dancing on the floor and observing how they dance with most of their movement in their arms. Personally, I like to move my feet at the same time. But anyway, the Cupid shuffle came on and naturally they cleared off the dance floor and the black girls rushed on. To our surprise, there was this one white girl who was GETTIN DOWN! We were so impressed lol. I tried to get a pic of her dancin but it was a little dark in there so it's not really that clear. lol

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