Friday, June 5, 2009

Just a thought..

I hear people say all the time... I'm trying to get over this hump so I can just sit back and be comfortable when I'm older.  I thought about it... asking myself: There's only one hump?

I think there's a series of humps ... and if you're smart, you tackle the next 'hump' more strategically and with less mistakes.

Every single time I see my friend Gardi, he would always tell me, "Don't work hard, work smart". 

It's great advice if you understand it.

It's a mixture of ambition and determination that will create that drive to get smarter. This, in turn, will help you find the resources and the confidence to accomplish your goal.


Anonymous said...

I bang with this hump thing your talkin moves ..hhhmmm maybe I'm working too hard

Damon said...

some people work very hard and i am not trying to take anything away from them but working smart is more then just critical thinking its understanding the big picture and not just pushing yourself to work harder or cut corners. working smart means working with a purpose, understanding how your hard work applies to getting you where you want to be.