Thursday, June 4, 2009

Anyone looking to find work?

I was walking in the city yesterday, when this guy came up to me and started walking with me and rappin about his business. It was real random but I didn't mind listening and conversing with him. He was a representative from USANA Health and was talking about how USANA was coming to the city and having an open house (today).

I wasn't available to go but I told him I'd spread the word and tell my friends. I put something up on Facebook and got a few hits. He said they'll be having something again next week and if anyone is interested in more info... hit him up: (347) 280-8389. Ask for Tim and tell him you got his number from Latasha. 

He's a real cool guy, so don't be afraid to hold a conversation with him and ask as many questions as you may have. 

Here's the link to the website, although you may not find the answers to your questions there: 

I encourage you to call.

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