Thursday, December 30, 2010

Girlpez Magazine Interview with Fashion Stylist, Kanayo Ebi

Yayy... Check out my friend, Kanayo! I'm sure you've seen some photos of her on my blog in the past. She was the subject of my first Alter Ego photoshoot (below, in case you forgot :) lol)

This interview was featured on Shout out to Savannah Britt! She's doin her thing at 16 yrs old. Follow her on twitter: @Savlovesyou

Here's the alter-ego photo, shot by yours truly lol :)

Kanayo Ebi : @Kachmeifyoucan

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My Modest Mouth Blog said...

Sweet post.

Kanayo definitely stepped Angie's dress game all the way up!

She's a great stylist!

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