Friday, December 31, 2010

My thoughts going into 2011

I feel like I broke out of my shell some more, this year, and developed a higher level of confidence and awareness. I had a great feeling about 2010 before it started, but I definitely didn't expect to experience all of the things I did this year. I'm grateful for it, alhamdulillah.

I had a chance to go to LA, Vegas, Miami, and China for the first time. I love to travel so you know I was suped lol. I had the opportunity to gain a better understanding of business in all aspects and also picked up some more web/blogging skills (holla lol).

Its funny because I watched "The Secret" about 3 times during the end of Dec/09 and transitioned into the new year with such a great attitude. My mind was clear and my heart was filled with gratitude. With the help of a few books that I read this year, I was able to heighten my sense of awareness and understand certain principles like the power of thought. Each one of us has the power to change our attitudes at any second; and when you change your attitude, often times, you can change the outcome of your situation, as well.

Too many times, we catch ourselves dwelling over unnecessary things.... almost to the point where we have these "thought attacks" that ruin our days and may even cause anxiety. When you realize that its really you that's making the situation so bad in your mind, you can gain control of this action and cut the habit. Just try it. It's easier than you think if you really just try..

My intention is to go into this new year with the same kind of attitude but with an even greater sense of acceptance for things I can't change, gratitude for the things I have, and motivation to learn more. Oh yeah... and I decided to get in a good a laugh everyday. Why not, right? Laughter heals.

I'm also still on my journey to becoming more educated in Islam, so there may be some changes, inshAllah. I was listening to some of Lauryn Hill's music and the line "how quickly we forget... that nothing is for certain" stood out to me. As harsh as the reality may seem, its true. We only have but so much control over life. Remember God, be truthful, and do good deeds. Your reward will come, inshAllah (God Willing).

With all that being said, I'm SO excited for the new year. I've learned a lot in the past few months that I want to implement. Stay tuned folks! It's about to go DOWN (kevin hart voice)

I hope everyone has a safe and prosperous new year :)


ZaneyZane:) said...

your words remind me of something i heard once from someone???(LOL... can't remember who). But they said that no matter where u are in life the best thing you can do is move forward. Appreciate where u are at that moment and then take a step forward. and that's what 2011 is about and should be about. Appreciate where you are now a few hours before the new year, but always be prepared to take that necessary step forward.

Tash said...

Thanks.. very true :)