Saturday, January 1, 2011

"The 7 Golden Rules"

Lately, I've been trying to find more things to keep my mind grounded. The week I got back from China, one of my coworkers sparked a conversation about the government and certain information that was exposed that people still choose not to believe. To make a long story short, it got me irritated that we as a people choose not to USE OUR MINDS. It's our most valuable asset in life and a lot of us choose not to use it.

Take some time to really notice the things you dwell on. Some of the stuff is toxic, huh? I came across this video called "The 7 Golden Rules" by Wayne Dyer. He's a pretty good speaker. In this lecture, he teaches you how to let go of your ego by the power of intention. I think its your ego that really causes you to dwell on unnecessary things anyway.

This all aligns nicely because Islam teaches to have pure intentions. I know some of you may be confused by that statement because of what Islam is perceived to be by the media, but you can't believe everything you see on TV folks :)

I listened to these "7 Golden Rules" about 6 times already, today lol... Its valuable info.

1. Stop being offended - That which offends you, weakens you.
2. Let go of your need to win - There are no losers in a world where we all share the same energy source.
3.  Let go of your need to be right - Do you want to be right or happy?
4. Let go of your need to feel superior - When you project feelings of superiority, its what you get back.
5. Let go of your need to have more - Let go of your ego's need to have more. Create and let go.
6. Let go of identifying yourself on the basis of your achievements- The less you need to take credit, the more you're free to achieve.
7. Let go of your reputation- your reputation is not located in you. It resides in the minds of others, therefore, you have no control over it.

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