Thursday, January 27, 2011

My notebook

Yess... this is how I use my Moleskine lol. Keeping a notebook is the secret to my balance. Being a creative person, I have so many ideas of projects that I want to work on.. or people to hit up about collaborating on a project. If I don't get a chance to write, I tend to get overwhelmed, trying to keep them in my head and not forget anything. (Sounds crazy but I promise there's plenty of other people who go thru this lol). Anyway, every since college, I've been decorating with stickers and can never seem to find enough. If anyone wants to send me some stickers to put on my notebook... I'm OPEN! lol

Here are 4 reasons why I recommend keeping a notebook as a creative person:

1. Keeps your thoughts organized
2. Keeps a to- do list handy
3. Keep track of others (if you deal with people like that)
4. You can capture your ideas and develop them right away, or gradually.

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1 comment :

BLACKpearl said...

i do the same thing!! :)
i have so many ideas and thoughts, its impossible to keep track of them in my head! lol!