Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Recommended book: "Shift" by Peter Arnell

I was actually recommended this book by a friend, Mark Jarrell (thank you). I noticed that my particular group of friends is about "being the change" they want to see and I love that. I also noticed that I have a fascination for brands and how to make them unique... this book definitely gives a lot of insight on that too. For anyone out there who's trying to brand themselves, I highly recommend this for you.

Peter Arnell talks about his personal "Shift" or rebranding during his weight loss process. He went from 406lbs to 150lbs and explained the techniques he used to change his mindset and find his motivation. He's also an advertising guru so, of course, he tells stories from his own work experiences. Its a good read for anyone serious about  it. Thanks again Mark

I've embedded a video of Peter Arnell being interviewed about his book on the Today Show... check it out:

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