Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blackberry pics 2/3

I'm having my friends "sign" my bookbag and this is what Jay drew. He said its me :) lol
 the view out of my friend's apt in Manchester (via @JBrown_Lartey )
 The book came together nicely! (via @BJEVERETT_  )
 The new 100styles hoodies (via @Mr_Jarrell ) I want one!! :)
 Congratulations Ebony and Khalfani!- Introducing Avery Lewis Leslie :)
 I was in the car with my sister, Paula, when we spotted this. The dog's back legs were suspended on this harness. He was moving like nothing happened to him tho. That's HEART. Downtown NYC
 I swear these flowers were almost dead the day before I took this photo. I have green thumb
Thanks for the fishies. I almost didn't notice the note tho lol
 I got a cute beanie baby over the weekend. His eyes are so cute
 Craig and I doing some shopping downtown
poor bird..

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BLACKpearl said...

nice pics!