Friday, April 8, 2011

A walk down memory lane (my trip to VA)

Last month, I finally got the chance to visit my mom, brother, and little sister in Hampton, Va. My brother is in the Air Force so they live minutes from the base. This happened to be the first place I lived, coming from the Philippines in 1991. My mom drove me around to me around... this was CRAZY.. my first time back to this part of VA since I was 8 years old. 
 The front of my elemetary school... Bethel Manor Elementary. I went here for 1st and 2nd grade. 
This was the street I lived on. I can remember reciting my address to memorize it as a little kid. lol... priceless memory
 This was where we lived. They haven't changed a thing.... smh.
 There's a traumatic story that goes along with this tree lol. One day I was trying to climb up it (after knowing I wasn't allowed to). My next-door neighbor, Lottie, was holding one of the branches out of the way so I can climb higher (as you can see, the branches are very close together)..... well as I was trying to climb, Lottie's mom called her and she let go of the branch to report to her. The branch smacked me dead in my eye and I got a black eye. I def tried to hide what happened bc I knew I wasn't even supposed to climb the tree, but with a black eye, you know that wasn't gonna work lol. I was so embarassed lol
This is where this mexican chick that used to bully me lived. Alexis, I still remember you..... We shall meet again >:o  ... lol jk
Yumm... my mom made some filipino food :) Sinagang 
 And Ashley (my lil sis) made Confetti cupcakes... and they were BANGIN
 Gavi and Uncle Lamar
 On the way home.. Chesapeake Bay Bridge
I had to take a pic of this because she was the third person I saw out with a full pajama outfit on.. smh. That's how yall do it in VA? 

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