Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Got my Notebook of Destiny!

I finally got my notebook in the mail Monday afternoon. I was kinda suped... having Jay take pics of me with it in the office lol (I didn't like how any of the pics turned out so I did it again at home lol) Anyway.. Blogzworth decided he wanted to do a social experiment through an idea he had called the "Notebook of Destiny". He pasted a sheet with the directions on the front cover. You can also get an explanation of the experiment on his website. 

VERY MOTIVATING...I'm very excited about this because I've been reading the book "Think and Grow Rich". I feel like I've elevated my mind. I've already been doing mind exercises every night, trying to get into my subconscious too. What I do is take a least an hour every night to meditate and really listen to what my mind is trying to communicate to me, and I take notes. Sounds like a crazy process, but my mind is so much clearer these days. Now that I really know what I want, my plan is to continue with it in this book. (THANKS B!) Let's see what happens!

This isn't the first notebook Blogzworth has given me either. During the summer of 09, B and I were working with ALLSMiLES, heavily. One day, he came back with notebooks for everyone and said "fill em up" lol. I've always been the type to carry around a notebook so it def wasn't a problem for me lol. I ended up filling this notebook before the summer was over with creative ideas and projects I wanted to coordinate at the studio. I still have it :)

This time around, tho, you KNOW I had to customize my book. Don't think for a second that I wasn't gonna tag it up like I've done with my other fav notebooks lol

This is what it looked like by the end of the day, yesterday yummm lol 

Stay tuned..... this is only the beginning. Make sure you follow @Blogzworth on twitter too! He's def a positive and motivating person to have on your timeline.... hilarious too lol

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Renee said...

Yes! this is awesome! Im calling him up NOW. I want one lol :)